divide the data section into 4 blocks

add the data of the second block to the first, fourth to the third

overlay the data of the remaining blocks

let's see what happens ...

Paul Modul & BM13 - I love her Paul Modul & BM13 - I love her

Vocals: Ekaterina Prokofieva
Voice recording was made on a mobile phone in AMR format, under the acoustic dome of the mall, near the Akvarel club in Saratov in 2010.

Sound Processing: Pavel Safronov

A photograph is a code. The key is in your memory.

Genetically inheriting the thirst for capturing moments from his father, the famous photographer Safronov Gennady Ivanovich, starting his acquaintance with the world of photography with the smell of chemicals and mysterious red light, as well as uniting with a fully manual professional film camera, the photographer Pavel Safronov continues the journey.

People like to get good photos, or even better than they are, and when they don’t like it, they make a displeased face and say: “You are a completely useless photographer, you don’t know how to take pictures!”. Keep shooting - that’s what I tell you. The problem is not in the photographer, but in the fact that people do not know how to behave without concentrating on taking pictures, in particular, to relax facial muscles. It is enough to look at the children, at their consciousness not obscured by all sorts of conventions.